The Best Guide to Casino Leaderboards competition


Get rewarded for having a stellar gaming session with our casino Leaderboard competitions. Ever since these events started being offered, casino players have been signing up in droves to play, and it’s no wonder why. In addition to keeping everything you win at the reels (or on the felt), you can get one of three prizes allotted to the top three finishers—all for playing casino games you already enjoy online. This is a quick way to get a little extra coin to your real money bankroll (in addition to online casino promotions), while also enjoying a little competitive play spirit in the casino gaming world.

To get you acquainted with casino Leaderboards, we’ve put together this online free tournament-focused slots and table games guide that goes over how the online casino tournaments work, the reason behind their popularity, the benefits of playing, and information on how to win real money when you play your best online. Even if you’re new to the casino gaming world, you’ll know how to browse our daily Leaderboard events and join the action like a champ upon reading this free online casino guide.

What are Casino Leaderboards?

A casino Leaderboard is a casino gaming competition that pits a group of casino players against one another in a bid for the most successful gaming session. Everyone plays the same game at the same time in “Tournament Mode,” which has a casino software that tracks the success of each competitor by converting wins (among other things) into points. At the end of the casino tournament, the three players with the most points win.

The prizes awarded in Leaderboards can vary depending on which casino game you’re playing. But often, you’ll see things like a $15 casino bonus for first place, a $10 casino bonus for second place and a $5 casino bonus for third place. Often, 5X rollover requirements will be attached to the casino bonuses. To find out what prizes a particular online tournament is offering, look under Tournament Details.

How do they Work?

Casino Leaderboards are really quite simple for the player. Start by browsing the daily schedule of Leaderboards online until you find a game and start time that works for you. Then look at the Tournament Details to find out pertinent information on conditions needed to qualify for prizes. Then, it’s all about collecting points while playing the prescribed game in Tournament Mode for the set timeframe. If two players end up with the same number of points at the end of the competition, the player with more spins (or hands) wins via tiebreaker.

There are two types of Leaderboard competitions in our online casino: slots and table games. These different types of competitions have a slightly different system for tracking success. We’ll go over each one.

When you play online slots tournaments, you spin the reels of a featured slot game for a specified timeframe; it’s usually about 10 or 15 minutes and is outlined in the Tournament Details. During game play, every win earns you a certain number of points depending on the size of the win. A standard win, which is less than 10X the stake, earns five points; a big win (10X the stake) earns 10 points, and anything bigger than that earns 25 points. You also get one point for every spin. All of the points collected in free spins are assigned to the spin that triggered the bonus feature.

Points are recorded differently with our Blackjack Leaderboard competitions. Beating the play Dealer with a Blackjack (initial score of 21) is the quickest route to earning top-tier points, as this win comes with a 10-point reward. Non-Blackjack wins are worth five points, and a push is worth two points. Meeting the minimum hand requirements also contributes one point to your total. 

Minimum hand (and spin) requirements are part of the conditions that must be met in order to qualify for the Leaderboard prizes. While browsing a game on the Leaderboard play schedule, look under the Tournament Details to see the duration of the competition, and the minimum number of spins or hands needed to qualify. You’ll also see a minimum bet size for each hand or spin. For example, with Blackjack, you could need to play at least 10 hands, with a minimum bet of $1 per hand.

Leaderboard competitions can be joined up to two minutes after the start time, but there is an incentive to join on time. In the rare case where two players finish with the same number of points and the same number of spins, the player who got there first is declared the winner.

Why are Leaderboards so Popular?

Leaderboards have become incredibly popular with our players because they offer a new experience that completely changes the dynamic of games that our players are already familiar with at casinos, online or live. Take Single Deck Blackjack for example. Most of our table game players have played Single Deck Blackjack before. But by turning this Blackjack game into a multi-player tournament, there is additional competition; in addition to beating the play Dealer, you want to beat the other competitors who are taking part in the Leaderboard competition, creating extra incentive to play your best. This creates a brand-new way to play Single Deck Blackjack online at Ignition Casino for real money. 

The competition rankings are transparent thanks to a tool that allows competitors to see their points accumulate in real time, while also seeing how they rank compared to others. All of this is done while battling the Blackjack Dealer, making for a much more exhilarating experience. 


The Benefits of Playing Online Tournaments

With no real money cost to sign up for online tournaments and the possibility of winning real money cash prizes on top of keeping everything you win throughout the online tournament, there are many monetary reasons to take part in the Leaderboard competitions at Ignition Casino. If you can take home an extra $20 on top of all your real money winnings, why wouldn’t you?

Which Games Can I Play?

Our casino Leaderboards showcase a mixture of online slots and table games. Some you may have played before, but there will likely be new ones to experiment with as well. As we go to press, the slot games include four real money jackpot slots:

777 Deluxe

This futuristic take on a traditional fruit machine has holograms of watermelons, lucky 7’s, Bars and more spinning through the reels. Land three Question Mark symbols to trigger the game’s online bonus round, which gives you a chance to bag the progressive real money jackpot. 

A Night With Cleo

Ancient Egypt’s most seductive pharaoh is behind the reels in this online 5-reel slot game. With every win, you can try to double your real money payout through the game’s Gamble feature. A Night With Cleo includes a random progressive real money jackpot.

Gold Rush Gus

Gold Rush Gus is one of our newer online slot games and its 3D graphics and interactive game play make it a must-spin slot. Unlocking the game’s treasure chest leads to one of four unique prizes.

Bulletproof Babes

Japanese anime characters burst from the online reels of Bulletproof Babes, a 5-reel, 20-line slot that’s filled with action. Watch for a bet-doubling moon icon, a free games combo, and a wild mistress who substitutes for other game icons.

Fast & Sexy

Get behind the wheels of a souped-up street racer in Fast & Sexy. Your online crew of sexy mechanics are there to help you win more than just pink slips. This slot does not include a progressive real money jackpot.

The online table games that rotate through our Leaderboards include three Blackjack games (Single Deck, Double deck and The New Blackjack) and Baccarat. With the New Blackjack, you can play up to three hands per round, which fast-tracks your wins. 

How do I Win Slots Leaderboards?

In order to win a slots leaderboard, you must finish in the top-three rankings at the end of the competition, while also meeting the necessary qualifying slot requirements listed in the Tournament Details. Qualifying slot requirements include a minimum number of spins and bet size; if you do not meet these slot requirements, you won’t win prizes. Keep in mind that free spins do not contribute towards the minimum number of spins in slot games.

How do I Win Blackjack Leaderboards?

To win a Blackjack Leaderboard, you must finish in the top-three rankings at the end of the tournament and also meet the conditions needed to qualify, which are listed in the Tournament Details. The qualifying play requirements include a minimum number of hands and bet size. 

Can I Play Online Casino Tournaments on Mobile?

Our online casino tournaments are all available on mobile, so you can compete from virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Simply go to on your smartphone’s web browser, and our mobile web app will load automatically. The only difference between playing on your mobile vs. playing on your computer is that you can’t see where you rank while the game is in progress when you play casino tournaments on your mobile. 

Casino tournaments have been steadily gaining popularity since hitting the online gambling scene a couple years ago. People enjoy the new dynamic brought forth by these tournaments and you may enjoy it too. Find out by signing up for a Leaderboard competition today; all of the upcoming events are listed in the Happening Now schedule