ThunderCrash Game Review

ThunderCrash Game

Cash or Crash? Buckle Up for the New ThunderCrash Casino Game

If you’re a courageous gambler who loves to go above and beyond the clouds, take the red pill and put your helmet on for ThunderCrash, the most unique specialty game at Ignition.

High flyers love to take risks for really big rewards and ThunderCrash will take you up, up and away on an adventure of epic proportions. After takeoff, you rocket through space trying to stay up the longest possible. The longer you fly, the bigger your winnings as rising multipliers kick in. The trick is cashing out before your flight suddenly ends with no warning.

With prizes that can reach an astronomical $100,000, build your own rocket ship to compete with the current lineup of billionaire space jockeys. Or buy yourself a really nice vehicle.

Enter a Universe Filled with Danger and Money

Enter a Universe Filled with Danger and Money

Enter a Universe Filled with Danger and Money

Shatner was right. Space is the final frontier. And ThunderCrash could make you a very wealthy pioneer if you can survive the flights.

Enter a Universe Filled with Danger and Money

Your space craft launches from a floating spaceport and rises through the darkness of the void surrounded by asteroids, satellites and planets that threaten you and your passengers’ very existence. Your only tools are luck and smart wagering. The multipliers grow as your craft rises and you stay alive before you’re hit or you cash out just in time to pocket some sweet prizes. The graphics and sound effects are dynamic and the suspense is totally nerve-wracking. However, the rewards are worth the risks. Ready to launch?

Enter a Universe Filled with Danger and Money

How to Play ThunderCrash: Let the Countdown Begin!

With each round, your multiplier starts at 1X and grows as the seconds tick by. The longer and higher you fly, the bigger your winnings. Start by choosing your player icon, then select your bet amount and auto cash-out value, and get ready for the action that happens right after launch.

The longer your flight, the higher the multiplier, so ride the rocket as long as you can. Some don’t make it past the end of the launch pad, while others get to fly into deep space where the increasing rewards await and growing threats flash before your eyes. When you feel you’ve gone as far as you can unscathed, or when your nerves implode, you can jump out by clicking “Cash Out.” That’s when you win your original bet times the multiplier shown at the moment you bailed.

As a brave astronaut, keep your eyes on the bets and prizes on the passenger list. Fly longer, fly higher and shoot for the biggest prize!

A Simple Game With Dazzling Features

Take your craft and passengers as far as possible without getting blasted to pieces. ThunderCrash features go well beyond your earth-bound games.


With every flight, the multiplier starts at 1X and goes higher and higher each second. The longer you fly, the greater the prize.



Try this more unconventional approach. Take a huge leap by choosing your bet amount and auto cash-out values so you jump out automatically when your space craft reaches those levels!



Have a look at your passengers’ bets and prizes, then fly away while aiming for the biggest prize!

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ThunderCrash: Q&A

Q. How long do I have to place my bet?
A. You get 6 seconds to place your bet before take-off. This game is fast, furious and instantly rewarding!

Q. What are the minimum/maximum bets allowed?
A. Your bet can be as low as 50¢ and your maximum bet will depend on the automatic cash-out value for a maximum payout of $100 grand.

Q. What’s the minimum cash-out?
A. Your minimum cash-out is 1.01 times the multiplier.

Q. Can I use bonus funds?
A. Casino bonuses are eligible but will contribute playthrough at a 5% rate (check out the Terms & Conditions on our site).

Q. Can I play in practice mode?
A. Yes! And we highly recommend you start in practice play. Watching other players in action will give you a real taste of what to expect. When you’re ready to wager, simply switch to real play and launch!

ThunderCrash is the newest addition to our specialty games. It’s so innovative and unique, and both amazingly generous and incredibly brutal. Take it for a ride today and experience the blast that has made this game a colossal hit with our members.

ThunderCrash is perfect for players who love:

Verifiednew gambling experiences

Verifiedextremely fast-paced play

Verifiedarcade-style play

Action Packed Wins


Action Packed Wins