Online Specialty Games Guide

Specialty Games Guide


Ignition has great new specialty games along with all your old favorites. When you browse Ignition Specialty Games, you’ll find games that will completely change your expectations of what an online casino can offer. Check out our top new specialty game below, along with some tried and tested classics.

ThunderCrash: Cash Out or Crash Out in This New Arcade Thriller!



Strap into this game’s rocket ship, but not for too long! Every round of ThunderCrash starts with a multiplier that’s set at 1X. Hit PLACE BET and that number keeps getting bigger until you bail out or the ship crashes - whichever comes first! If you eject in time you win prizes of up to 1,000X!

ThunderCrash’s crisp vector graphics resemble Tron and fit the game perfectly. Another great thing is you get to choose your strategy: Do you set the Auto Cash Out feature to bail when the multiplier hits a modest number like 1.6X, or do you go for the big money? Why not a bit of both?

You can test-pilot ThunderCrash using Practice mode right now. Sign up for free or Login to Ignition, then hop on and experience what makes this game so awesome.





Looking for something familiar? We’ve got great Keno action but with a slick new look on Ignition. Our version of this classic is nice on the eyes, and great for playing on mobile.


1. Choose up to 15 numbers between 1-80.

2. 20 numbers are randomly selected when you hit “PLAY”.

3. The more numbers you hit, the bigger your prize


Keno is a game of pure chance, but there are ways to improve your odds. The trick is to figure out how many numbers to choose so you can get the best return possible. Can you crack the Keno code?





This classic is just too good to pass up, and there are seven versions of Bingo on Ignition for your dabbing pleasure.

Go-Go Bingo keeps it simple, giving you four 3X5 cards per game, with 12 different winning patterns to complete. Thirty numbers are drawn at random for each round. If you’ve almost got a line, don’t give up – just hit that Extra Balls button to purchase additional numbers.


For something spicier, we have six Bingo games with South American twists.


tr Amazonia Bingo
tr Bingo Cataratas
tr Bingo Goal
tr Bingo Ribeirinhos
tr Pesca Bingo
tr Tribo Bingo


Bingo Goal is a soccer-themed game with a progressive jackpot. There’s also a penalty-kick bonus where you can beat the goalkeeper to earn a cash prize.





Just like with all of the amazing games at Ignition Casino, the best strategy is to keep it fun. Make sure you don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose, and time your sessions to start and end so they fit your schedule. We’ll do what we do best by giving you the most exciting new games to try. Find your favorites and play responsibly. And check back here anytime to find what’s new!



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