Pretty much everyone in the United States has learned how to play online blackjack games at some point. At least, they’ve learned a basic “home” version with their parents or grandparents. They know the object of online blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, and they know about hitting and standing. Chances are you’re one of these people. But were you taught all the different blackjack moves you can make? Did they tell you about splitting?




Maybe not. Knowing when to split is one of the important parts of a complete blackjack strategy. You can do it anytime you're dealt a pair, or any two 10-value cards (Ten, Jack, Queen or King). But not every split pair in live blackjack online is profitable. There’s a time to make this play, and there’s a time to keep those two cards together.


Introduction to Pair Splitting

When you play blackjack online at Ignition Casino and you decide to split a pair, each of your two cards will be treated as a separate hand, and your original bet will be doubled, too. Then you’ll be dealt a second card for each hand. If you're dealt another pair, you can split those, too – and you can even split a third time in most blackjack variants. Always consult the rules of your chosen online blackjack game before playing.


Splitting Aces

The rules change slightly when you get dealt a pair of Aces. If you split those bullets, you will receive one and only one card – even if it’s another Ace. Then your turn will be over and the Dealer will reveal their hole card. Don’t let this stop you from splitting those Aces, though. It’s always the right play to make, no matter which blackjack game you’re playing at Ignition Casino. The chances are just too good that you’ll draw a 10-value card and make 21. Just be aware that you cannot make a natural blackjack after splitting a pair; if the Dealer has a natural, they’ll automatically win the hand.


Splitting Eights

Online blackjack for real money is one of the most fun games there is, but no one goes to an online casino hoping to get dealt a 16. That’s the worst hand there is. But it’s not quite as bad if you get dealt a pair of Eights. In just about every blackjack variant, you’ll usually want to split those Eights and give yourself a decent chance to make 18 by drawing one of the many 10-value cards in the deck. An Ace would be even better, and a Nine would still help you.

There is one notable exception. If the Dealer’s up-card is an Ace, and you’re playing one of the standard six-deck versions of blackjack at Ignition, then you should surrender your Eights and forfeit half your original bet. Otherwise, split those snowmen and hope for the best. Every little nuance matters when you’re playing real money blackjack, so make sure you’re playing the appropriate strategy for your game of choice.


Splitting Tens

Never split a pair of Tens in blackjack games. Seriously. It might be tempting to split your 10-value cards and go for a 21, especially when the Dealer’s up-card is a Ten. But the odds are stacked against you – and you already have a powerful 20 in your hand. The only time splitting Tens could be the right play is if you’re at a live casino and you’ve been counting cards. Even then, it’s not advised because they’ll know right away that you’re counting. Why else would you split Tens? It’s a great way to get tossed out of the casino.

There are some other rules of thumb for splitting pairs that will work in just about every blackjack game you play. For example, never split a pair of Fours; you’ll be better off hitting with your hard 8 and hoping to make 18. Also, never split a pair of Fives – double down on your hard 10 instead. The rest of the time, your splitting strategy will depend on which blackjack game you’re playing, and what the Dealer’s up-card is. You can always download a blackjack pair splitting chart for your game of choice and use it to help you while you’re playing at Ignition. As always, make sure you get your chart from a reliable source. Then try it out using the Practice Play mode at Ignition before jumping into the real money blackjack games. Best of luck at the tables.