The numbers don’t lie: When people in the US want to play online poker, they visit Ignition Poker more than any other site. Poker aficionados in Australia and elsewhere are also raving about how much they enjoy playing here. And no wonder – while other poker clients are having trouble pleasing their customers, Ignition Poker is delivering the goods, both on and off the table. Not only do we have the most reliable poker software in the industry, we also have the most reliable customer service, especially when it comes to moving money in and out of your Ignition account.

It’s even easier to move those funds when you use Bitcoin. Ignition Poker was one of the original Bitcoin poker sites in the world, allowing customers to make fast and secure deposits without any pushback from banks and credit card companies. We’ve shown you how simple it is to make your first Bitcoin deposit at Ignition; here’s how you can play online poker now and start building your bankroll at the tables, then cash out and enjoy the spoils of victory.


Types of Online Poker

If you’re relatively new to online poker, chances are you’re interested in the game that started the poker boom: No-Limit Texas Hold’em. This has been the world’s most popular poker variant for nearly 20 years, but it’s not the only way to play at Ignition. Texas Hold’em can also be played with a fixed-limit betting structure – Limit Hold’em was the game of choice at the turn of the millennium. You might even find pot-limit Hold’em games from time to time.

If you’re playing a pot-limit game, though, chances are it’s Omaha. This is almost exactly the same game as Hold’em, but you get four hole cards instead of two, which makes the game more fun and more challenging at the same time. For an even bigger boost, try playing Omaha Hi/Lo. In this variant, half of the pot goes to the highest hand, and the other half to the lowest hand – as long as none of your five cards rank higher than Eight. If there isn’t a qualifying Lo, the Hi scoops the pot.


Biggest Online Poker Tournaments

Aside from the different variants and betting structures, online poker comes in three flavors: cash games, tournaments, and Sit & Go’s. All three have their strong points, but tournament poker is the most popular choice for today’s new players. This is how you can turn a small buy-in into a massive pile of money in a matter of hours. There’s nothing more fun at the poker table than taking down a big tournament, and Ignition Poker is your home for the best tourneys in the business.

It all starts with the daily tournaments. There are thousands of dollars in guaranteed money on the line every day at Ignition Poker, with buy-ins as low as $1, so everyone has a chance to win. Then you have the weekly tournaments, none of them bigger than our two Sunday majors: the $200K Guaranteed and the $100K Guaranteed High Roller. And don’t miss out on the annual Black Diamond Poker Open and Golden Spade Poker Open, the most important festivals on the calendar, with millions of dollars in prize money up for grabs.


How to Withdraw Big Poker Winnings

The biggest prizes in these tournaments go to the winners, but if you survive long enough, you’ll earn at least the minimum prize (or “min-cash”) of about twice your buy-in. Play enough tournaments, play them well, and you can still grow your bankroll while you’re waiting to hit the jackpot and win first-place money. Mixing in some cash games and Sit & Go’s will also help you improve your skills while diversifying your poker portfolio.

Once you’ve built that mountain of money at Ignition Poker, cashing out is just as easy as making your first deposit. Using either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is even more important when you’re making a big withdrawal, so you can avoid the fees you’ll be charged when you have to go through a bank. You can find out more by checking out our Bitcoin FAQ and Help guides here at Ignition. Be informed, play smart, and we’ll see you at the tables.