Now more than ever, it’s time to deposit with Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is the fastest and easiest way to get money in and out of your Ignition Poker account. Even if you’ve never used Bitcoin before, it only takes a moment to figure out how Bitcoin poker works. This quick introduction will show you everything you need to get started.


How Bitcoin Poker Works Online

So what is Bitcoin, anyway? It’s a digital currency that you can use in place of US dollars or other standard currencies. It’s also a computer program that works with another program known as the blockchain, which is where all the Bitcoin transactions are recorded. These programs are open-source, so no central agency is in control – that means there’s no bank getting in the way, or charging you fees.

In theory, there are other poker cryptocurrencies we could use at Ignition, but Bitcoin (including its close cousin, Bitcoin Cash) is by far the most popular and reliable. Our online Bitcoin guide will show you in greater detail how to create a bitcoin wallet, how to deposit Bitcoin and make withdrawals. To get started, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet, which you can download for free, and you’ll need to open an account at a Bitcoin exchange, where you can convert cash to crypto and back again.


Online Bitcoin Poker Tips

If you’ve been hesitant to use Bitcoin because the price (in terms of US dollars) keeps going up and down, here’s the important thing to remember: You don’t have to keep a nervous eye on the exchange market while you’re playing. When you make your Bitcoin deposit at Ignition Poker, we’ll convert your funds to US dollars and put that money directly into your account. Then, when you make a Bitcoin withdrawal, we’ll convert those dollars to crypto. As long as you don’t leave any funds hanging around in your Bitcoin exchange account, you’ll only have your funds in cryptocurrency for as long as it takes to complete your transactions – which isn’t very long at all.

For more Bitcoin poker tips, we encourage you to browse through all the chapters in our Bitcoin guide, and check out the FAQ and Help sections on our Ignition Poker website for further details. We’ll show you which cryptocurrency wallets and Bitcoin exchanges you should consider using, and we’ll even give you some hints on how to invest in crypto away from the tables. None of this is rocket science, so give Bitcoin poker a try today at Ignition and see what the fuss is all about.