Rules are sometimes meant to be broken, but when it comes to poker at Ignition Casino, you’re going to want play by the book. This means getting familiar with the house poker rules, which are the standard poker rules you’ll find at most sites. Check them out before playing.

  • Collusion of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes soft playing, whipsawing and chip dumping.
  • If a player doesn’t act within the allotted timeframe for any reason, their game will time out, their hand will fold and their action placed on ‘Auto Fold’ until they get back to the game.
  • If a player remains idle for more than 10 minutes while playing cash games, they will be removed from the table.
  • It is prohibited to intentionally slow down play at any of our poker tables.
  • Cash can be used to re-buy or add chips while playing in re-buy tournaments only if the funds are available in a player’s account prior to registration and only if they are accessible during the tournament.
  • Ignition Casino reserves the right to start, stop, pause or resume any game at any time.
  • If a player leaves a cash game, they cannot return to it within five minutes if they have less chips than they originally took away from the table. This is known as ‘ratholing’.

For information about our resolution policies following a tournament cancellation, please see our Tournament Cancelation Policy.



Simultaneous Poker play from more than one operator within the PWL network, (including tournament entries or re-entries from multiple operators), is strictly prohibited.  Players deemed in violation of this policy will be subject to a thorough account review which may include the seizure of any winnings and the potential for account closure.


Engaging with other players

  • The chat feature cannot be used in an abusive, sexist, racist or otherwise disruptive manner.
  • The chat feature cannot be used to divulge the cards a player is holding or has folded while their hand is in play.
  • The chat feature cannot be used to coach other players, whether they are playing or watching a game.
  • No player is allowed to use the chat feature to claim that they are a representative of Ignition Casino at any time.
  • No player is allowed to use the chat feature to advertise or spam others at any time.
  • All chat must be in English.


Disconnection Protection

  • If a player gets disconnected while playing a hand and this prevents them from acting, their hand will be checked if no other action is required from them. If action is required, their hand will fold.
  • Players are only eligible for Disconnection Protection if they get disconnected and cannot act on their hand within a given timeframe.
  • Disconnection Protection only applies if a player gets disconnected from the game server. If a player cannot act as a result of a system delay, their hand will time out, be folded and they will be placed on ‘Auto Fold’ until they can return to the game. Find out more about Disconnection Protection.


Tournament Tickets:

  • Players cannot use tournament tickets to re-buy or add on chips.
  • Buy-in purposes aside, there are no dollar values associated with tournament tickets.
  • To find out which tournaments payout, check the Tournament Tickets Section in the Poker Lobby.

Ignition Casino reserves the right to determine whether a player has broken the rules, and this is subject entirely to our discretion and interpretation. Ignition also reserves the right to decide whether to grant requests and issue reprimands, which may include warnings, suspensions, revocation of chat privileges, revocation of full privileges, and/or confiscation of funds.

Ignition reserves the right to amend the House Rules at any time without cause or notice. Such amendments will be published on and go into effect immediately upon publishing. It is the player’s responsibility to review the website and remain informed of the rules. Any decisions pertaining to the house rules will be made at the discretion of Ignition Casino’s poker management team. All decisions are final.

Read about our Poker Tournament Rules.

See our Terms of Use for a comprehensive list of rules that all players must comply with.